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In the visionary framework of the world’s Art industry development efforts to promote women's empowerment and global competitiveness, there is a collective exploration of international Art leadership strategies.

Datamatix in association with the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute and with the support of the governments, businesses and media, presents the 27th Women Leaders Congress, on 17-20 Feb 2025 in Dubai, UAE, the congress will be held under the theme “The 7Continents Success Stories of Women” attended by global decision-makers, intellectuals and women leaders, it offers a unique opportunity for women to learn about the best practices, advance modern strategies, and discuss challenges. It brings together global women leaders, influencers, and visionaries to shape the future of women's empowerment and leadership.

In this context, Datamatix, with the support of artists and the art industry, is pleased to present a special highlight of the congress, ArtWoibex. The event demonstrates our collective commitment to art industry development, advancing global unity through art, and supporting cultural harmony.

Datamatix, taking this initiative to empower women in the arts, with the backing of the global art community and institutions, aims to support women artists by showcasing their best achievements and facilitating global cultural exchange. It provides a platform for women artists to exhibit their best practices, foster connections, access resources and mentorship, and celebrate diverse expressions, driving sustainable cultural and economic advancements through women's empowerment in art.

This collaborative event honors women artists from all continents, showcasing artworks imbued with talent, resilience, and creativity. The Women Art exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore diverse artistic expressions, network with professionals, and promote gender equality in the arts. It supports emerging artists and provides inspiration while offering insights into women's experiences, cultures, and identities worldwide through creative self-expression and cultural exchange.

In this regard, ArtWoibex deeply values your support in advancing women in the art sector, as it plays a crucial role in empowering women artists and enhancing global women competitiveness in art, fostering, and promoting women art excellence.

Therefore, we encourage you to join and present your best achievements in art. By showcasing your work, you will have the opportunity to highlight your brand and artistic identity. The event provides a platform to showcase artists' work, encouraging broader appreciation and support for women's artistic achievements.

Yours Sincerely,

Ali Al Kamali
Managing Director