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Why the 7Continents Government, Business, and Official Institution
Should Take Part in the 27th International Women Leaders Congress

The 7Continents government and business organizations leaders must support the women's participation in the congress, where women will share their success stories and learn from others across all 7Continents. Women leaders from various countries will engage with these narratives of achievement and resilience, providing participating leaders with valuable insights into effective strategies for advancing women's empowerment.

Participation in the congress demonstrates a commitment to fostering collaboration and dialogue on critical issues affecting women worldwide. This women leader’s involvement can lead to the implementation of global policies and initiatives that promote women's involvement in government management governance and the nations education development, economic opportunities development, and participation on a global scale.


As an emerging market and a continent known for its youth demographic, African governments and business corporates leaders should support women to participate and learn from successful women leaders across various sectors worldwide. They can leverage these insights to develop policies promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in education, healthcare, economic empowerment development and more.


As a leading hub for business and innovation, the Asian governments and business corporates must ensure that sustainability becomes ingrained in the culture, and support women leaders who contribute significantly to the Asian economy, in this context they should support the women leaders participation and ensure that the women from government and business collaborate internationally, encouraging the world to partner with Asian organizations and should exchange best practices and innovative solutions for empowering women in business and the workforce. By supporting female entrepreneurs who drive economic growth and social progress, they can participate in this global congress, enhance their knowledge, and adopt modern management practices for sustainability.


Europe, as a leading knowledge-based continent, should demonstrate its commitment to gender equality through active participation in the congress and by sharing experiences in promoting opportunities for women. Collaborating with businesses and civil society organizations, European governments and business corporations can work towards closing the gender pay gap, increasing women's representation in leadership roles, combating gender imbalance, supporting women's entrepreneurship, encouraging corporate board diversity, and fostering prosperous growth in the continent. European stakeholders can inspire positive change worldwide and build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

North America

North America, known for its technology and startup hubs heaven, along with its technological industrial sectors, should utilize the Congress as a platform to highlight the initiatives aimed at advancing women's empowerment. As a government organization and business corporate they can share successful models for supporting women in stem fields, fostering workplace diversity and inclusion, and promoting work-life balance through family-friendly policies, among other strategies, to propel the continent to the next level.

South America

South America's abundant natural resources, including oil, gas, minerals, and mining, Agri along with manufacturing opportunities across various sectors, make it an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the participation of the women leaders from the government and business corporations in the congress is essential, given the region's secure status in agriculture and related industries, their involvement should contribute significantly to the global dialogue on women's empowerment. By participating in the congress and sharing their strategies for addressing challenges such as gender balance, governments can invest in education and skills training for women, unlocking their full potential as agents of change and economic development.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, though distant, are globally interconnected continents that offer a unique perspective on gender equality and women's empowerment. The government, along with various business organizations, actively works to address gender disparities and create an inclusive society. Therefore, governments, businesses, and leaders should enhance global connections and demonstrate their commitment to gender equality by participating in the congress. They should highlight their efforts to promote women's empowerment, leadership, and entrepreneurship, by supporting initiatives that support women's career advancement and economic independence, they can drive sustainable development and prosperity in the region.


Although Antarctica is not home to permanent populations, international research stations should participate in the congress to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality in the scientific community and the role of women in discovering and sharing knowledge, they should also explore how women can play a more significant role in this part of the world, we suggest that concerned organizations and leaders share insights on promoting women's participation in polar research and fostering a supportive work environment throughout the region. Moreover, fostering gender equality in Antarctic research can set a positive example for global scientific collaboration and innovation.