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The 16th Global Women Leaders Conference Concludes Successfully

Organized by Datamatix, the '16th Global Women Leaders Conference' concludes on its second day, March 7,2013 and was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, DIFC in Dubai, UAE marking the 103rd International Women’s Day.

The conference, sponsored by 'Thomson Reuters', 'smith&nephew','Dove', 'Ponds','United Arab Emirates University',  and 'Attitude' on its second day focused on the next generation of women leaders and the global trends in the 21st century that makes women leadership competitive. The day began with the presentation of Dima Ghawi, Manager, Global Client Supply, IBM, USA, who focused on women leadership and global demands followed by Dr. Ahmed Tahlak, President & Chairman, LEVENBERT who presented his views on women leaders’ role in 21st century knowledge management. He emphasized on the modern management approach and the significance of educating and developing tomorrow’s young leaders. Ms. Linda Berlot, Relationship Systems Coach
CRR Global, focused her presentation on 'Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders', wherein she emphasized on the journey of women leaders from managing to leading.

The session concluded with a panel discussion chaired by Kelvin Johnson, President of Smith & Nephew’s International Markets, Smith & Nephew, Carlo Pignataro, Founder & Master Trainer, SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT, and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.

The post break session commenced with the presentation of Eshaa Alkhalifa, Advisor to the President on eLearning and ITedi, University of Bahrain, Information Technology, who focused on Emerging Women Leaders’ Active Participation in Information, Educational, and Economic Development. She highlighted challenges faced by women leaders in the 21st century and the various strategies that can make them sustainable in the globally competitive economy.

The participants engaged themselves in healthy discussions and debates that surfaced with some significant points revolving around:

  • Supporting women and women leadership in this globally competent and challenging world and providing them with the necessary technologies and facilities to polish and bring out their capabilities to sustain in a knowledge-based economy
  • Abolition of all discrimination between men and women from all societies and make functional power as the general norm for efficiency criteria in all areas regardless of the sex and gender
  • Providing equal opportunities for women to acquire leadership positions in international and national regimes especially in the oil & energy sector, and legal and judicial positions
  • Create an equilibrium for men and women in educational fields and provide them with equal opportunity in training and development programs
  • Emphasize on the capacity building elements for women that will enhance their capabilities in overcoming the digital divide
  • Elimination of social barriers that prevents the participation of women in economic activities and marginalizing their role by exploiting their potential
  • Work towards opening new doors of opportunities for women to generate employment opportunities and activate the participation of women in self-employment and economic activities

Mr. Ali Al Kamali rounded up the conference by emphasizing on the significant points that were raised and dealt with during the various sessions of the conference and addressed the women leadership across the globe that is in the forefront of decision making in both the public and the private sector. He expressed his views by saying that women must acquire leadership positions in economic and political positions, which was once a far-fetched idea, and accelerate their influx in various other arenas and prove their leadership competencies regionally and globally.

The event concluded with the '12th Middle East Women Leaders Awards' that honored and celebrated the exemplary role of women leaders and their contributions in various arenas regionally and globally by awarding some of the renowned names and in the Middle East.

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