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Datamatix Successfully Concludes the Edition of 18th Global Women Leaders Conference

With Global Guests, VIPs, Path breaking Case Studies and Gleaming Awards

In what can be termed as one of the best and notable women leaders conference that the region has hosted, the ‘18th Global Women Leaders Conference’ is sure to linger in the memories of the participants for a long time— owing to the richness of its attendees, speakers and thought provoking cases studies on global women empowerment and leadership.

Woibex is one of the largest global conferences, organized by Datamatix that has attained the pride of women and women leadership around the globe in contributing towards the enrichment of intellectual exchange and women empowerment to improve their role in global economic development.

Farah A. Atassi, Founder & President of ACT Group International Georgetown - Washington – USA presented the opening speech of day 2 on ‘International Positions Challenges and Opportunities for Women Leaders’. She elaborated on her role in the American Arab Communication and Translation Center (ACT) wherein she supervised and provided a range of translations, language services, research, media monitoring, strategic assessment and analysis to both the US and Arab governments and corporations. She discussed in detail he collaboration with the American community and how she played a vital role in the popularization of the Arabic language.

Samira Said Al Hosni, Educational Researcher from Ministry of Education, Oman spoke on ‘Challenges Facing Women Leaders in Smart Education’. In her capacity as an educational researcher and based on her years of experience, she talked about the various obstacles that could possibly hinder the development and progress of women leaders. She also presented various new researches and developments in the field of education and how IT has refurbished the perspective of classroom teaching. She also elaborated on her journey and best practices of the ministry of education.

In the wake of globalization, the active role of media and television is undeniable. Throwing ample light on this based on her career expertise and experience was Mariam Said Anchor, Middle East Broadcasting Corp (MBC TV) in her presentation on ‘Women Leader's Role in Future Media and Opportunities in 2020’.

Monica Gallant, Associate Dean – Business of HCT - Dubai Womens College presented a successful case study of her career and her journey towards this senior position. She described her long span career of 19 years and how she assisted in developing the leadership potential of Emirati women. She elaborated on the aspects of female leadership in the gulf, challenges and support strategies and talked about the various shortages of pro=family policies and infrastructure  and lack of realistic role models that often hinder the development of women leaders and their aspirations to reach senior leadership positions.

The coffee break and networking session was followed by a presentation on ‘Women Leaders Role in Globalization Scenario’ by Souhair Al Qayssei, Senior News Anchor for Middle East Broadcasting Corp (MBC TV). She spoke on the evolving terrorism and its harmful impact on the helpless humanity and shared how she as a media person catered to the needs of tackling social insurgencies with the help of visual media.

The concluding presentation was made by Hala Kazim, Founder - Journey of Change. She talked about how JTC has aspired and successfully played a crucial role in changing the course of life of many women and provided lifestyle lessons to women to enable them to survive in a positive community.

The conference concluded with felicitating the winners of the 15th Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Awards. Honorable Japanese Consul General Hisashi Michigami graeced the occasion as the chief guest and presented the awards to the winners.  

He also presented the awards ceremony keynote,  wherein he addressed the elite gathering of women leaders and inspired the next generation women leaders in attaining superlative leadership benchmarks. His thought-provoking and inspiring speech streamed down as quite a motivation for all the women leaders present in the ceremony.

Visit for the list of winners.

The 105th International Women’s Day celebration gained an extraordinary momentum this year with the hosting of the ‘18th Global Women Leaders Conference’. Organized by Datamatix at the Burj Al Arab, the conference dawned upon the participants with a mega forceful panel of speakers and current topics challenging and of concern to the global women leaders.

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