Event Profile

Datamatix takes the honor of announcing (Woibex 2022, The Year of Global Women Leaders) which aims at women empowerment and leadership globally, like a river which flows and creates a green oasis around it, likewise this empowerment and knowledge sharing journey would be connecting women around the globe.

In this context, Datamatix will begin to have a conversation and link women globally, in a similar way the river water flows from the Amazon River in South America - 6,400 km (3,976 miles) and keep learning from Paraná – Río de la Plata, in South America - 4,880km (3,030 miles) which flows in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay and focusing all along the Mississippi – Missouri – Jefferson, North America – 6,275 km (3,902 miles) and going to see what can be learned from the primary rivers in Europe like Danube, Volga, Loire, Rhine, Times and the Elbe and going all the way down to learn from the Nile River that has extensive experience in North-East Africa – 6,650 km (4,132 miles) and Niger River and Congo – Chambeshi in Africa – 4,700km (2,922 miles) and from there going down to Yangtze River in China – 6,300 km (3,917 miles) Pluss the Yellow River, China – 5,464km (3,395 miles) and Yenisei – Angara – Selenge, Asia – 5,539km (3,445 miles) and all the way down to Waikato in New Zealand and Murray River in Australia thereby supporting the vision of establishing the foundations to achieve development that is focused on new dimensions that enables global women to support new horizons for women's leadership resembling the water wherever it goes creates green oasis for life.

To achieve and foster an environment that promotes the presence of women executives and leaders, thereby bringing global women leaders under one roof to create strategic ties whilst bringing together global civilizations and cultures, to communicate and promote coherence and complementarities where east, west, south and north, meets purposively for achieving and reinforcing sustainable development and exchange experiences and build future strategies for empowering global women and specially the younger generation.

Celebrating 25 years of successfully, organizing one of the largest global women leaders’ event, Woibex conference which is held annually on International Women’s Day, has become a global platform that links women from all sectors, making it a strategic achievement and an important gathering of global women leaders and entrepreneurs from different countries, states, provinces, cities and regions, which includes government, business, media, social communities, women associations, global official institutions and NGO’s under one roof, and aims to highlight global women’s achievements.

Woibex aspires to highlight international strategies on how to empower women to lead the corporate and business sector and government and explore the dimensions of leadership and knowledge that supports women and enables them to hold international positions. Also, the conference will review the most important experiences of leaders in international positions and business.

Your support will enable Woibex to promote the exchange of knowledge in various sectors in order to support the opening of new global horizons for women leaders in the context to achieve global gender balance in corporate and government positions and foster an environment that provides women leaders an opportunity to contribute and partner in building the future.

The event is an important opportunity for global women leaders to promote the exchange of best practices, knowledge on leadership, management and women's empowerment, in order to support the opening of new horizons for women empowerment and also, the world civilizations and culture to have a world with peace and leadership.

General Information:

  • Date and Venue: March 8th to 10th, 2022, Dubai, UAE
  • Participation: Regional and Global Women leaders
  • Speakers: Global Women Leaders and Experts
  • Partners: Governments, International Institutions and Fortune 1000 Companies
  • Certificates: All Registered Participants Would Receive the Participation Certificates
  • Event Website: www.woibex.com

Expected Participants:

  • Members of the Royal Families, and Women Celebrities
  • Women Ministers, Ambassadors, Members of Parliament
  • Corporate Directors and Board Members
  • C-Level Executives (CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDs)
  • Government and Business Women Leaders and Executives
  • University Deans, Principals and faculties
  • Women Leaders in the Police and Armed Forces
  • Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Media

Partnerships from Global Official Institution’s and World Media Organizations:

  • UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, OECD and other International and Related Institutions
  • Global Media, Portals, Magazine, TV, Radio, News Agencies, Printed and e-Newspapers

The Conference Objectives Are:

  • Strategies for gender equality, women's empowerment and entrepreneurship
  • Achievements of women in leading projects and institutions efficiently and distinctly
  • Discuss strategies to empower women to hold international positions
  • Women's competitiveness in the private sector
  • Women's competitiveness in Media and Politics
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship and participation in SMEs
  • Promote leadership participation in the decision-making process
  • Develop better partnerships with global institutions
  • For more information and updates please refer to the Event Website