Who are the Top 100 Women Leaders of Tomorrow?

  • Who are they?
  • Are they the same women we see and deal with on a daily basis?
  • Are they from the business?
  • Are they from the government?

Datamatix will release the "Top 100 WOMEN LEADERS OF TOMORROW" list at the '23rd WOIBEX - Global Women Leaders Conference on March 8th to 9th, 2020 Dubai,UAE, in celebration of International Women's Day. On this great occasion, we would like to request you to take some time to let us know who, in your opinion, are the new and upcoming women leaders – the "ones to watch" who are making a mark in the GCC and deserve the prestigious honor of being named on this list.

Who can nominate

Anyone is welcome to nominate the names of women leaders from the GCC region.

Can a GCC Woman nominate herself?



  • Lives or works in the GCC region.
  • It Could be from either the government or the private sector.
  • Has demonstrated leadership within her profession/place of work
  • Is in line for a position of major leadership within her profession/place of work
  • The Candidate must be a recognized mentor and example to other women in her industry.
  • Has shown commitment to other women in her profession or to the community as a whole and has a commitment to leaving a legacy in the region
  • Provides valuable service by contributing time and energy to improve the quality of life for women in business.
  • Has actively assisted women in realizing their full leadership potential.
  • Is an influential leader within her company or business, with an extraordinary impact on its economic success and forward-thinking strategies
  • Is actively involved in the professional organizations and associations related to her industry
  • Is active in her community by utilizing her skills and/or time to promote philanthropic organizations or causes
  • Have demonstrated excellent leadership and management skills by heading an organization, making changes, and achieving results
  • Has set trends that motivate women to enter professional and leadership positions.
  • Has successfully overcome the gender gap and dominated through the art of leadership.

The "Tomorrow’s top 100 GCC Women Leaders" will be selected by an advisory board of industry leaders from the nominations received.

We welcome you to submit your opinions based on the below information. Please be sure to provide us with the correct information.

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