The Women SME Association is an interactive platform that aims at promoting women's entrepreneurship through the elimination of barriers to enterprise creation and growth. It is the source for business information, knowledge sharing, learning opportunities and networking connections related to businesswomen, women entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in the region.

It encourages women to support each other, enhances recognition of the achievements of women in business and the professions, and promotes the growth of women-owned enterprises through research and sharing information. The Women SME Association is an ideal environment for reinforcing the exchange of ideas and best practices among associations from the world over. For the individual woman business owner, it presents an enriching experience to meet other like-minded women from the across the world.

The association encourages the personal development of members and provides opportunities for them to expand their business by:

  • Promoting cooperation between women-owned SME's
  • Creating a network of professional women to share Industrial, technological and trade information
  • Fostering professional growth and business skills perfection and encouraging women to create enterprise
  • Creating awareness and reinforcing the visibility of women business owners
  • Organizing conferences and workshops to share experiences and knowledge building
  • Conducting research and studies on women entrepreneurs in the SME sector
  • The mandate of the association is to provide an environment for women to grow and develop their businesses by themselves.

The Women SME Association seeks to provide opportunities for women to grow professionally through leadership, education and networking. Women from various occupations join the association to meet like-minded women with whom they can share experiences, inspirations and business advice.

Connecting Professional Women - Regionally & Globally

The Women SME Association aims to bring together businesswomen and women professionals from around the world. It seeks to provide opportunities for women to grow professionally through leadership, education and networking. Women from various occupations join the association to meet like-minded women with whom they can share experiences, inspirations and business advice.

Business Set-Up For Women

For many women, starting their own business seems like a dream. However, it need not remain so. Women SME Association is proud to present the tools and advice to enterprising women to set-up their own business. In keeping with our aim to empower women in the region, we provide the start-up services and consultancy that can get women started on the road to successful entrepreneurship.

Business Opportunities For Women - Regionally & Globally

Women represent a large and highly qualified work-force in the region. There are numerous opportunities for them to start their own business, promote and manage it; and to carve a unique niche for themselves in the regional and global economy. The Women SME Association brings women in business up-to-date on the latest and most beneficial business opportunities around the world.

Financing Your Business

Whether you have a start-up or an established organization, the question of finance is always important. The Women SME Association provides hands-on advice and helps you get closer to financing your dream project or that business expansion. Our services cover the entire spectrum of securing finances including - preparing the business plan, project report, contacting the right agencies, budgeting and targeting different sources of money.

Women Involvement In Politics

Recent developments and studies have shown that the region is gradually opening up to a deeper involvement of women in politics. Women in the region are well educated and highly aware of their rights and duties as citizens. Most women in the region are emphatic about playing a greater role in political decision making in the region. The Women SME Association supports these women by bringing them together on a common platform from which they can voice their opinions and actively participate in regional politics.

Women Involvement In Media

Women journalists and writers in the region have been prominent in voicing their opinions concerning their status and role in economy & society. The media has also been instrumental in promoting and projecting a positive image of today's professional women. The association aims to encourage more and more women in the region to take an active part in the media industry, by bringing them in contact with prominent media women. We seek to inspire women in media to share their experiences, network and help each other achieve professional success.

Certifying Your Business

Certify your business as a woman owned business through the Women SME Association. Taking this step opens up a host of opportunities for your business. It provides access to contracts and significant business advantages, concessions, support through a dedicated resource center, and peer-to-peer networking.

Investment Opportunities for Women

There is a wide choice of investment opportunities for women today. However, they each come with their fair share of trade-offs between risk and benefit. How do you choose the safest option? We provide the tips that will help you make the right investment decisions and choices for your business.