Woibex University Internship Program Profile Registration

The DUIP program is a twelve-monthly program where students can enroll at the beginning of any month in the year and attend two Woibex conferences in that specific month. At Woibex we commit to bring new business, educational and management practices, fresh ideas along with innovative corporate involvement to improve your student’s development. We aim to promote educational development to equip students and future leaders, at the same time we include the University in the program. This will not only provide the University with more opportunities from the business sector but also from the educational sector where the University and students will get the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the industry and share their insights and knowledge.

Woibex University Internship program focus:

Woibex University Internship Program focuses on the student’s future and education in the Business sector. We guarantee your Students to graduate as highly knowledgeable individuals and have a future within the business sector.

Why become a partner of our program:

In today's marketplace, Woibex believes that Universities should not merely deliver knowledge but should put extra importance on guiding students to pursue their dreams and assist them in building their career and future.

Especially in the present economy, students have a disadvantage in terms of job opportunities. Organizations require students with insight and experience, and by joining the partnership you will equip them with those important aspects, and shape differentiated students.

The Woibex University Internship program will build the University and provide guidance, and together we will aim to make the University one of the strongest leaders in the GULF region by building reputation and credibility. At this crucial moment, we suggest you to provide the leaders of tomorrow with enough knowledge and experience in building a bright future.

As a final note, the University and students are working towards a greater success and a brighter future. Success develops further success and ignites your passion and enthusiasm about the University where the students will add on to continue the success legacy.

Once again and with great honor, Woibex requests the university to become one of our partners; to create the latest framework for your learners; promote the university, provide exclusive opportunities; optimize your presence; benefit from the total hands on experience for your students and business publicity along with connecting with a Global network of possibilities.

How the University Benefits From the Woibex University Internship Program

  • Supporting your students to be prepared and trained in the business industry
  • Universities become involved in networking opportunities within the business industry.
  • Student’s knowledge goes beyond theory and they gain more focused insight and experience.
  • Tasks assigned to students by University will reflect a higher value of understanding.
  • Provide students with job opportunities
  • Improve education quality you provide to students by making them part of the business and market sector
  • Build university recognition and credibility status in terms of Business and Marketing
  • Grow to be one of the most successful universities that create business leaders

How the Students Benefit From the Woibex University Internship Program

  • Invest in students career and future
  • Contribute to students educational program through having more experience in the Business sector
  • Assistance in setting up and formatting students CV and submitting it to the Internship Database
  • Increase job opportunities through submitting students CV to the Woibex intern service website
  • Get access to the Internship Database which carries various contacts’ information of the Business sector
  • We provide students with guidance in career decisions and future plans
  • Students Attend various Woibex conferences which will benefit them as business men and woman
  • Students develop business knowledge and insight through hands on experiences at companies
  • Improve the quality of assignments presented to the university
  • Enter the industry with added understanding and insight of the market and business sector
  • We guide you in making career decisions and future plans in the marketing and business sector