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Dr. Eiman Saud Abokhodair
Business Center Coordinator
Institute of Public Administration - KSA
Woman in a Technical Field
Ms. Ala’a AL Hariri
CEO Ala’a Hariri Architecture & Interiors
Mr. Elballa Hagona UNDP Resident Representative chief guest during the award ceremony
Sports Media Woman of the Year
Ms. Ria Ramal
Dubai sport TV Presenter
Economic Policy and Knowledge Development Achiever Award
Dr. Amani Bouresli
Former Minister of Commerce and Industry – KUWAIT
Former Chairman Capital Standards Rating
9th Middle East Businesswomen & Leaders Achievement Awards
9th Middle East Businesswomen & Leaders Achievement Awards
2020 Women Leaders Developement Strategies
Inspiring Future Women Leaders while Honoring the Present
Providing an environment for women to set trends, influence,
innovate and leverage women’s participation in the global business world
Bringing together top women leaders from around the world
The Largest Global Gathering for Women Empowerment
تايدايقلا نيكمتل تارمتؤملا ربكأ دحأ
Committed to Recognizing and Honoring Excellence