What is the purpose of WOIBEX?

The characteristics and dimensions of Women Leadership are different. WOIBEX targets business and management issues that will provide direct results and the purpose is not to focus on typical "women's issues", but a target focus on how women can achieve success in the business world.

How important are women in today's business?

Women are increasingly entering the mainstream of executive suites and entrepreneurship. The number of women-owned businesses continues to grow at twice the rate of all US firms, and these firms are increasing in economic clout.

What can I expect from WOIBEX?

The conference will be an ideal meeting place of Women Leaders, a place to learn the advanced leadership strategies; a place to meet and interact with the global personalities; a place to ask questions and engage in discussions; a place where further discussions about mutual topics of interest can continue and new contacts can be made.

How can we be partners to this prestigious event?

WOIBEX powered by Datamatix, with 30 years of experience in developing successful conferences, the event will be an excellent opportunity to open your business to a higher dimension. If your company is looking to network with leaders, then "Woibex" is the event.

How do I attend?

In order to attend, you must pre-register by filling out the online registration form. Click here

Do I need to present an official letter when registering for the event?

An official letter is only required for those candidates whose organizations will cover the costs f their attendance.

Do you have packages for group delegations?

We encourage the corporate participation, as it will provide maximum benefit for your organization. Please do not hesitate to call us for special group delegations package.

Can I register other people also?

Yes, you can register as many delegates as you want.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes, your organization can sponsor this or any future event and gain quality exposure across the Middle East region.

Why should my organization join this conference as a sponsor?

As a sponsor, your organizations will have unprecedented access to a highly targeted and powerful group of senior level executives who are directly responsible for creating, implementing and measuring competitive strategies for their organizations.

Who are the speakers at Woibex events?

Woibex brings together experts, specialists, and industry leaders from around the world to provide a comprehensive approach to strategically manage and utilize regional and global challenges and opportunities.

Are there any speaking opportunities available?

Yes Woibex welcomes experts from various fields to register their credentials for speaking opportunities at future events. Speaker registration form.Click here

Are there PR and media plans for Woibex events?

Woibex events are promoted by integrated media campaigns and PR programs throughout the Middle East region.

Do Woibex events present examples of real-life business challenges, applications, and practices?

Woibex events bring specialists and experts from around the world to make presentations and talk about best practices, real experiences and case studies

Can I interact with these experts?

Yes, Woibex events provide great networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities that would enable you to interact face-to-face with global experts from relevant fields

Who are the major participants at Woibex events?

These events are attended by Women President, Prime Ministers, Members of Royal Family, Women Celebrities, Women Ministers, Ambassadors, Members of Parliament and Politician, Women CEO's, Presidents, Deans, Leaders in Police and Armed Forces, Business Women Leaders and Executives, Women Entrepreneurs.

Will I receive some acknowledgement for participating in a Woibex event?

Yes, you will be issued with a "Participation Certificate" to acknowledge your attendance.