Conference Profile and Objectives

Celebrating 25 years of successfully, organizing one of the largest global women leaders’ event, Woibex conference which is held annually on International Women’s Day, has become a global platform that links women from all sectors, making it a strategic achievement and an important gathering of global women leaders and entrepreneurs from different countries, states, provinces, cities and regions, which includes government, business, media, social communities, women associations, global official institutions and NGO’s under one roof, and aims to highlight global women’s achievements.

Woibex aspires to highlight international strategies on how to empower women to lead the corporate and business sector and government and explore the dimensions of leadership and knowledge that supports and enables them to hold international positions. Also, the conference will review the most important experiences of leaders in international positions and business. Read More


Woibex - What We Do

Woibex, Provides an environment conducive to the exchange of views, discussion, and face-to-face networking amongst women leaders, and aims to elevate the status of women in society, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the global market and provides the services and business knowledge which can support women towards the future. Read More

Past 24 Years of the
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